Dow Jew InfoTech, LLC. is a fast growing IT consulting firm specialized in SAP consulting in Supply Chain Management (SCM) area. We offer a broad range of SCM expertise and services with a strong customer focus. We are especially strong



Some people dream of success. We make it happen. YOUR SUCCESS Dow Jew provides the best APO training in the world. We have provided coorpration trainings as well as individual trainings since 2008. Our students are coming from all around the world



The following are some of our major clients for whom Dow Jew InfoTech has provided specialized consultancy services.


Our goal in Dow Jew is to help our clients to implement SCM/APO solutions in a cost-effective way with high business adoption rate. We don't waste your time and money to recommend something that is not 100% necessary to improve your business processes. We utilize proven industry best practices, however we will not tolerate with the rigid system limitations by customizing the solutions in the best way that fits your business needs.

What our Client says

The broad range of expertise and their dedication that Dow Jew's SCM team has brought to the project are enormous and greatly valued and appreciated. I highly recommended Dow Jew to any future SCM clients.

Kent Adams, Program Manager

Dow Jew’s team is truly knowledgable in their area of expertise of Supply Chain. For this project, they brought a wealth of SCM knowledge to the table. They configured and directed the development of SCM platform to enable SAP's Event Management to be implemented. Dow Jew’s team was very interactive with both users and technical teams and their interaction was key to solving very complex problems I would recommend them as a very highly resourceful team at any time.

Q, A, Development Team Lead
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